Friday, June 5, 2009

PSIGEN Signs Distribution Agreement with Deltalink Consulting CC

PSIGEN Signs Distribution Agreement with Deltalink Consulting CC -Partnership Expands Company's Growing Distribution Network to Southern Africa

IRVINE, Calif., May 21, 2009 -- PSIGEN Software, Inc., the innovative leader in advanced capture solutions, today announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Deltalink Consulting CC, a leading distributor of Document Management, Capture and Scanning Hardware in Southern Africa.

"The addition of Deltalink to our growing distribution network provides us with a solid technical and business partner in the region of Southern Africa," said Stephen Boals, Vice President of Sales at PSIGEN, “Their focus on Microsoft SharePoint, and experience in Document Management will provide valuable ECM solutions in their market.”

"We are excited about the benefits that our partnership with PSIGEN will bring to the local market. With PSI:Capture we are now in a position to offer an industry-leading capture solution to all organizations ranging from small companies to the largest corporate enterprise in South Africa and neighbouring countries. To date we have been unable to provide a suitable capture solution to resellers and end-users of either Microsoft SharePoint or MFP devices, both pervasive technologies in our market. With PSI:Capture we feel comfortable that we will be able to meet the diverse requirements of these and the large number of other capture users with a single product," said Gerrie Terblanche, CEO at Deltalink.


PSIGEN Software is the innovative leader in advanced capture and document management solutions. For more than 14 years, PSIGEN has provided software to improve all the processes around the conversion of paper to digital documents. The solutions focus on cost reduction, flexibility, standardization, and improved efficiency. PSIGEN delivers these solutions through a network of resellers and distributors in the US and abroad. For more information, visit

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CONTACT: PSIGEN Sales and Marketing: Stephen Boals, Vice President of Sales, 949-916-7700 x230.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Looking for a way to scan large volumes of documents into SharePoint? How about scanning documents with a cover sheet at a copier and having them automatially show up in SharePoint with metadata?

I have written a review on PSIGEN's PSI:Capture software, link here PSIGEN PSI:Capture Review. I have been reselling their software for about 4 years, and this new version is incredible. Auto-processing and SharePoint Migration are the highlights.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Scanning to SharePoint with PsiCapture

Need an application for scanning documents into SharePoint?

I have been playing with the newest version of Psigen's Advanced Capture product for digital imaging, PsiCapture. I have been selling Psigen's products for about 4 years now, and this version resets my expectations for an advanced capture and scanning application. The product user interface has been streamlined, and the scanning workflow is as simple as clicking down the module stack on the left hand side of the GUI. There is now a comprehensive Document Type wizard, which walks you through the creation of your Document Templates. Below are some other highlights:

-The ability to enable document types for auto-import. This allows true distributed capture using MFPs, through the use of intelligent barcode cover sheets.
-A built in Barcode Creation utility that allows you to build templates, and then create cover sheets on the fly, or tie the creation to a spreadsheet or database.
-2D barcodes are now supported, and can be created with the utility.
-The reporting capability has been enhanced, and it is simple to run a number of reports on the scanning activity.
-Migration to just about any Document Management System, including a new connector to Microsoft Sharepoint / MOSS 2007

For an overview of the company, more info, reviews and datasheets, click below:

Psigen PsiCapture Information

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

eCopy and SharePoint

More and more organizations are taking the leap into a centralized document repository, through the use of Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is an oustanding tool for collaboration, and accels when utilizing Microsoft Office documents. But what happens when you create a SharePoint site that will require the uploading of numerous scanned documents? How can you standardize file naming, metadata population and the overall document imaging process?

One of the best solutions I have found is eCopy ShareScan. eCopy is a document capture solution that can be connected to just about any Multi-Function Copier or Dedicated Scanner. The challenge with traditional scanning solutions is that they usually require dedicated scanner hardware that is connected to a PC. This provides a one to one solution, allowing only the PC user to scan documents. With eCopy, you can provide a one-to-many relationship, and share the scanning capabilities of your copier or scanner with an entire office or department. It has a simple, easy to use touch screen interface that even the most technically challenged user can learn to use. It can provide a rapidly deployable solution, with quick adoption, and low training requirements.

eCopy provides a SharePoint Connector that allows quick integration into any site, with all security in tact, and the ability to require metadata fields. For larger organizations, you can configure one ScanStation, and then publish the configuration to all the others on your network. For more info on eCopy and additional tools, go to What is eCopy? or for other SharePoint Scanning Utilities, click on the following link SharePoint Scanning Utilities.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SharePoint as an ECM Platform

SharePoint is being touted as the "swiss army knife" of Enterprise Content Management. I have to admit, we use this tool for just about everything under the sun: sales pipeline management, deal tracking, project management, help desk , sales material library, etc, etc. It is a very solid application for a variety of functions, and it is so easy to create a site. You can easily download an application template, and within minutes have a site up and running. The customization is even easier, and adding columns and metadata fields is a breeze. The other day I was playing around in our demo room, and decided to try out the eCopy SharePoint connector to test scanning into my library. It was a breeze, and eCopy is fantastic, with seemless integration into the product.

I will write some follow on articles on the subject, as I am finding more and more prospects asking about SharePoint inegration and scanning into the application. I have done some basic research on scanning utilities for tha app, links at:

Microsoft SharePoint Scanning Links

And for some great reading on SharePoint and Planning:

Microsoft SharePoint Information Links

More to follow.